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Review on L’Ambassade Petit Hotel

Located on tiny Suiza street in Providencia is one of Santiago's newest and most charming boutique hotels, L’Ambassade Petit Hotel.  With just a handful of guest rooms in a beautifully restored former ambassadorial residence, L'Ambassade offers the highest level of friendly, personal service.  The hotel is a jewel, with elegant understatement in its décor and fascinating and interesting artwork throughout. 

On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Marie-Josée, one of the three siblings who own the hotel.  We felt immediately the delightful atmosphere of L’Ambassade with its fusion of French and Chilean styles.  If you can imagine a pleasing blend of a stately Chilean residence with a small pensione in the south of France, perhaps you understand the ambiance one feels on entering L'Ambassade.

L’Ambassade Petit Hotel was originally built as a private home in 1942.  Two consecutive Ambassadors used this building as their private residence in the past, inspiring its name today.  The new owners, two sisters and a brother, fell in love with the house the moment they saw it.  They have various backgrounds in hotel management and in the building and catering industries, which they acquired in France and use to great benefit here.  With a Chilean mother and a French father, the siblings spent much time living in France in the past, while frequently visiting family in Chile.  They returned permanently to Chile to pursue their passion for hospitality and forge a new future in 2009.  Marie-Josée and her two siblings believed this 68 year old building would be perfect for their project: a boutique hotel in Santiago with French flair.  The name of the Hotel was not hard to decide, after their research into the house’s history: L’Ambassade Petit Hotel.  They inaugurated L’Ambassade in November 2009; browsing through the pages of their guest book you can see the enthusiastic response from their guests and visitors.

A hallmark of L'Ambassade is personal attention lavished on their guests.  At least one of the owners is always present to attend to their guests.  The service is superb; when we visited, Marie-Josée was ready to comply with your every need at any time, while Sabrina, an associate who is there during the day, takes care of every detail to make your stay so pleasant you’ll want to return another time. 

The decoration of L’Ambassade is exquisite but not excessive, and the French ambiance can be felt the moment you step through the red door into the hotel.  The salon makes one feel at home, almost as if you were in your own living room.  Books, magazines and candles are strategically displayed on the coffee table and offer you a warm welcome.  The music, mostly French, the French teas served any time you wish in nicely decorated china, transport you to the French countryside, making your imagination play with the idea of spending some time at a French manor house.

Each of the 6 rooms is different from one another.  They have names reminiscent of a French petit chateau: La Chambre Rouge, La Suite Ambassade, Le Loft are the double rooms.  Three single rooms, delightfully decorated, give the solitaire visitor a warm welcome.

L'Ambassade has a small but inviting garden, with a table sheltered by an arbor offering the possibility of dining al fresco on warm days, or another sitting area with comfortable couches that will encourage you to slow down and enjoy an afternoon in the shade. The garden features a pool (when the season allows) and a sauna.  Shortly after arrival we enjoyed a tea (accompanied by lovely pastries!) on the balcony of our room.  It overlooks the garden, allowing us to enjoy the warmth of the sun and momentarily be surprised by a hummingbird almost close enough to touch.

Breakfast is served downstairs in the dining room, from 7 to 11 am.  The selection of homemade bread, marmalades and jams is fantastic.  The French toast and the carrot muffin I had were made by Marie-Josée, caterer by profession and passion; the tea was imported from France.

Everywhere you look in the hotel you will find a detail that makes L’Ambassade a place full of charming surprises:  Mirrors framed with painted tiles, original paintings, antique door knobs, sculptures made in bronze, ceramics, or wood, old photographs,...

L’Ambassade is a trip to France without having to move from Santiago.

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