Fast facts about La Casona

  1. *Located in the San Antonio Valley, 1 hour from Santiago

  2. *Colonial style house in Chilean countryside

  3. *7 large suites each with central heating & private terrace

  4. *Onsite restaurant, Equilibrio specialising in Chilean cuisine

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Unique Destinations’ Review of La Cason at Matetic Vineyards

Amongst the scents of the countryside and the sea, and embraced by beautiful rolling mountains, lies Chile’s San Antonio Valley. Over a century ago, it was here that a colonial style guesthouse was constructed, paving the way for the Chilean based Matetic Family to create the empire that is today, the Matetic Vineyards.

In the year of 1999 the Matetic Family diversified their business ventures and started the Matetic Vineyards in the Rosario Valley, a sub-division of the San Antonio Valley. Several years later, with the aid of architect and designer Max Cummins, the guesthouse, “La Casona” was remodeled and decorated bringing the property to life with an ambience of sophistication.

Within an hour’s drive from the metropolitan city of Santiago you will be transported to La Casona’s grandiose homestead. This pioneer style property will be your “home away from home”.

After a more recent expansion, La Casona now offers seven large suite rooms – each fitted with the most comfortable king size (or two single) beds you have ever experienced. Beneath the soft sheets on each bed lies a “featherbed” - a wonderful innovation encased with goose feathers, designed to give you the feeling of sleeping on clouds. All the rooms have their own individual style and are decorated with elegant charm reminiscent of a typical countryside abode. Each features central heating, a large screen tv, private bathroom and private terrace.

When you’re not relaxing in your suite, you can unwind in La Casona’s living room where there is a library, pool table, board games, chimney and a bar. Come dinner time, and guests are invited to dine in the Matetic Winery’s restaurant Equilibrio, specializing in Chilean cuisine. Nestled next to a lake, home to fluffy white geese, Equilibrio offers guests the freshest fishes and seafood, and the finest preparations of lamb and duck. For those interested in a gastronomical experience, look no further. Each meal is prepared with such delicacy, right down to the intricate wispy strands of caramel drizzled over the crème caramel dessert. Paired with each course is a selection of the Matetic Winery’s finest wines.

Following your evening of exquisite dining, guests are invited to take breakfast the following morning in La Casona’s regal dining room. Here, the resplendent deep red wall paper accentuates the dark wood dining table and furniture. Bestowing the feeling that you are dining in royal quarters! From the nearby kitchen, your waiter will fill the table with a traditional country style breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, toast, freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh fruits, berries, yoghurts, jam and biscuits. Enough to prepare you for a day full of activity.

La Casona has a myriad of activities that guests can take part in. If you staying for a relaxed weekend away from a fast paced life then you can laze beside the swimming pool or take a bicycle ride through the vineyards and the property. For those with a keen interest in wine, your hosts can organize a wine tour through the Matetic Vineyards modern and environmentally friendly winery.

Portraying state-of-the-art facilities, the winery will introduce visitors to the phases of wine production. One of the most interesting parts of the tour is the visit to the laboratory. Dressed in white lab coats the winemakers isolate and analyze each component to be blended into wine, ensuring that the wine making process is sanitary and certified. At the end of your wine tour you will be guided through a wine tasting with a professional sommelier. You will also have the opportunity to purchase wines directly from the winery so you can savor your experience when you return home.

La Casona is open to receive guests all year round with occupancy peaking during the wine season, from around November to April. During the winter months La Casona can be the perfect romantic, country style getaway!


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