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Review on Terra Viña

After spending two nights at Terra Viña my husband and I returned home relaxed and happy, as we had not been in a long time.  We did not realize how much we needed this parenthesis in our otherwise busy lives.

But let’s recapitulate and start from the beginning.  The trip down to TerraViña

was beautiful… traffic on the well-known ruta 5 sur that Friday afternoon was light. 

The day, even though it was a winter day, was sunny and the warm sunrays came

filtered into the car. 

We drove past San Fernando heading for Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz is a charming little town that was built mainly on adobe.  As we sadly know, this was one of the areas that was hit by the earthquake early on Saturday 27th of February 2010.  We could witness this when we crossed the center of town with collapsed buildings vanished houses, and families living in their new wooden “media agua”.  But even amidst this catastrophe the people were friendly and charming and we could see that the town was slowly returning to its previous charm.  People in Santa Cruz are aware that tourism is going to take a little while before it comes back to where it was before, but they are still welcoming the visitors and proud to talk to tourists about their town and their region.

We park our jeep in the ample parking area before the hotel and get our suitcases.  As we walk through the door, a warm smile on Anne’s face greets us.  I introduce myself and my husband to her as her husband, Eduardo, comes in with a welcoming smile.

Eduardo helps us carry our carry-ons to the second floor where our warm room awaits us.  We decide it is time to rest a little from the car ride, breathe a little fresh air and after a short stroll to the vineyards, we get changed and ready for dinner. 

TerraViña is a modern building with the charm of the traditional architecture that belongs to the central valley… Hotel TerraViña has 18 comfortable, modern and delightful rooms.  There’s a room for every wish; rooms with a king size bed, rooms with 2 separate beds or even with 3 separate beds. TerraViña also has a master suite with a bedroom and a living room. All rooms have private colonial style bathrooms, oak floors that make it warmer than tile floors, cable TV, a safety box, a fan, central heating and a balcony with a spectacular view towards the Andes Mountains.

Dinner or Lunch (or both!) is a must at Vino Bello when you are staying at TerraViña or just visiting Santa Cruz; a beautiful restaurant also located in the Hartwig Vineyard and just a couple hundred meters away from TerraViña.  Very convenient. 

This restaurant had been the stable of the property.  Once restored and refurbished, Vino Bello is the pride of its owner Janine.  A little later after arriving, we decide we must have dinner at Vino Bello.  We have heard so much about it that we are curious.  Janine is happy to meet us.  It is mutual.  Janine guides us to our reserved table and offers us some of their specialties.  Everything sounds amazingly good and we have a hard time deciding.  Finally we decide to have each a starter and my husband nails it with the specialty of the house, pumpkin soup – scrumptious!  I lean towards the grilled vegetables, very nicely done, but I prefer the soup.  For the main course my husband chooses another delicacy I choose ravioli filled with asado de tira, simply delicious!  A glass of carmenere is the perfect company for this superb dish.  Dessert is greatly recommended for the owner of a sweet tooth!  After this very generous meal, my husband and I decided we had to share a dessert.  Janine was always attentive to our wants and needs and came around often.  Once we had finished, she was happy to sit at our table and share good conversation with us.   We left Vino Bello, feeling pampered and happy, very happy to have chosen TerraViña and Vino Bello for our Destination of the Month for August!

The night at the hotel contrasts with any night in Santiago, in almost any neighborhood, it is quiet and peaceful, the air is clean and even though it is chilly outside our room, the room at TerraViña is warm, inviting and cozy.  We sleep like babies!

The next morning, a delicious buffet breakfast, awaits us in the dining room.  My husband asks for scrambled eggs and we have coffee, toasts, orange juice, 

After breakfast we are ready to go out for a visit of the surroundings.  Anne and Eduardo eagerly offer to help us choose the right spots for the day.  With their help and suggestions, we decided we wanted to visit Viña Mont Gras first and then Viña Lapostolle.

It is very easy and quick to get to Viña Mont Gras.  The tour guide at Mont Gras is very nice and takes us on a tour around the grounds and wine cellars, answering every question the group asks and pointing out peculiar facts about this Viña.  After the tour, we are taken to a room for the tasting of the wines.  We try 3 kinds and then some people in the group ask to try one of the best wines of Mont Gras and we are granted the wish.  Superb!  We are then guided to the shop where you can find the best wines at very convenient prices.  We get tempted with a couple of the ones we tried in the tasting.  Everybody in Mont Gras is very nice, showing very high standard in the customer service.

We leave Viña Mont Gras feeling happy and satisfied, with the feeling that the time there has been well spent.  We head towards Lapostole.

Since Anne had already made reservations for us in both Wineries, they were expecting us in Viña Lapostolle.  The facilities of Viña Lapostolle were impressive.  The owner, they told us, is the great granddaughter of the founder of Grand Marnier, the famous orange liquor.

After the visits to both wineries, we drive into Santa Cruz; we want to see the town and see how much of it is left standing.  About a third of it has disappeared, not even the debris is there any longer.  The town is being reconstructed, and according to accounts we heard from people there, it would be standing before the end of the year!  Cardoen is rebuilding his museum and hotel and will reopen in September.  The Church has to be rebuilt as well, as do many other buildings, mainly private homes, in the area.  Santa Cruz, even with the horror of the earthquake, is back on its feet and standing proud in the Wine Country.

We return to our hotel for our last night, and we ask Anne for suggestions about a place to have dinner.  We choose a Peruvian restaurant called La Casita de Barreales.  The service is friendly and good and the food meets our expectations.  We get back to the hotel feeling like we have spent the best weekend in many weeks.

The next morning we wake up to the sound of Queltehues on the grounds of TerraViña.  Beautiful sunny day – again!  We walk over to Vino Bello and meet Janine in the garden, a short chat before we leave. 

After breakfast we decide we want to try another route to get back to Santiago – a longer one, but nevertheless more beautiful than the shorter version.  So, we drive by way of San Antonio.  It turned out to be a picturesque, much less trodden path.  Surprisingly, even though this way is longer, we feel relaxed coming back to Santiago.

There’s so much to do in Santa Cruz and its surroundings… we will be back!

Just at the edge of town lies the Hartwig Vineyard, where TerraViña is located.  It is just before sunset when we come in through the gate that opens onto the hotel.  A beautiful sight on the horizon, so sleek, so well lit, so welcoming.  Even after the earthquake, TerraViña is standing tall and proud amidst a picturesque vine garden.



The prize for the DOM in August is a luxury weekend at TerraViña with Lunch or Dinner at Vino Bello in the romantic Colchagua Valley, only 2 and 1/2 hours from the heart of Santiago.  A 2 night/3 day stay at TerraViña. 

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